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Vittorio Cottafavi – Operazione Vega (1962)


A TV movie (aired on Rai on July 2, 1962) that seems to come from a remote galaxy. We are no longer used to anything like this. It is an alienating charm, consciously cooled to the extreme, stylized in its scenographic and luminous lines of relentless, literary cleanliness (where can we hear a word like “dripping” on TV today?), Without a shred of sentimentality.

In short, Bertolt Brecht on the small screen. The text is taken from a radio original by Friedrich Dürenmatt.

2255: A delegation from the Free Confederate States of the Earth goes on a mission to Venus, which is now a prison reserved for human scum. The occupiers must be persuaded to team up with the mother planet in a war against a destructive alien force. To be more persuasive, the Earthlings carry some nuclear warheads with them. The adventure becomes a tragic, exquisitely mental game.

1.29GB | 1 h 13 min | 1024×576 | mkv



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