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Andrea Bianchi – Malabimba (1979)

This movie works for two reasons. The first is the director Andreas Bianchi who, though far less prolific, was a lot like Spanish auteur Jesus Franco in his ability to take irredeemably sleazy material like this and make it somehow oddly watchable. Bianchi’s work includes “What the Peeper Saw” which offered the unusual pairing of Swedish sex kitten Britt Ekland and the kid from “Oliver”, scuzzy giallo favorite “Strip Nude for Your Killer” where the usually classy Edwige Fenech simulated both oral and anal sex (not surprisingly, it’s the only recent DVD release she hasn’t provided any commentary for), and his follow-up to this film “Burial Ground” again with Giordano who this time gets her latex nipple bitten off by a strange-looking dwarf who is supposed to be her zombified son. Which brings me to the second reason:the infamous Mariangela Giordano. Although she is sometimes labeled a “scream queen” this label doesn’t really fit Giordano as she was an actress for twenty-five years in Italian genre films before she ever started doing nude sex scenes in sleazy horror movies like this in her early 40’s (during her marriage to producer Crisanti). She proved so good at it though that even years later when she appeared in Michael Soavi’s “The Sect” she has a scene as the world’s sexiest 53-year-old naked corpse! But besides having a virtually un-aging body, she was a pretty decent actress. It is a testament to her thespian abilities that this sultana of sleaze is even remotely believable as a nun. (And if her initial seduction by the possessed teenager seems amazing just wait around for the “exorcism”).

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  1. from IMDB: “Most prints are the edited softcore version.”
    X-rated DVD version by Severin Films runs longer than the Unrated cut. Basically adds some Hardcore inserts and deleted scenes back into the movie.”
    Has a couple near jaw-dropping scenes — mainly for their sheer audacity. A real pity that Katell Laennec appeared in no other films, besides this ! This could be the most noteworthy of numerous films that tried to ride the coattails of “The Exorcist.”

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