1931-1940Dimitri KirsanoffDramaSwitzerland

Dimitri Kirsanoff – Rapt (1934)

Rapt, also released under the names ‘The Kidnapping’ and ‘Magic Mountain’, is a simple drama set in the enchanting Swiss Alps. Two agrarian villages are separated by the mountains; they are idyllic but each is wary of the village on the other side. Bucolic life is disturbed when a young maiden, Dita Parlo, is stolen from her side of the mountain.

The director Dimitri Kirsanoff, “considered part of the French Impressionist movement in film”, is mostly known for his thoughtfully edited and photographed short films. Rapt is not the only full-length feature he made, but it seems to be the one that really features his poetic style.

1.45GB | 1h 18m | 762×572 | mkv


Language:French, German
Subtitles:English, Portuguese

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