1971-1980DenmarkEberhard KronhausenEroticaPhyllis Kronhausen

Eberhard Kronhausen & Phyllis Kronhausen – Sex-cirkusse AKA The Hottest Show in Town (1974)

A circus on the brink of bankruptcy comes up with a new show mixing traditional circus acts with sex.

The directors Phyllis (1929-2012) and Eberhard Kronhausen (1915-2009) were a husband-and-wife team of sexologists, mainly active in the 1960s and 1970s. They wrote a number of books on sexuality and eroticism, made several films and amassed a collection of erotic art, which traveled around Europe in 1968 as the First International Exhibition of Erotic Art and then found a home in San Francisco as the Museum of Erotic Art.

1.04GB | 1h 13min | 754×566 | mkv



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