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Jacques Baratier – La poupée AKA The Doll (1962)

While there is an element of science fiction to this political satire about Latin American dictatorships, that element is primarily used to promote the storyline and the message, and not as a value in itself. In a make-believe Spanish-speaking country of the Americas, a dictator (Zbigniew Cybulski) rules with the usual degree of corruption but as it turns out, his wife is the one who gives most of the orders. Two story strands are then woven together: a scientist has invented a way to replicate objects and, lo and behold, he discovers he can make a robotic duplicate of the dictator’s wife. Meanwhile, an ardent, left-leaning revolutionary who happens to be a dead ringer for the dictator ends up taking over the tyrant’s role when he is assassinated. So one has a robotic wife and a fake dictator now running a country which is none the wiser…

A French science fiction film with strong political overtones, set in a Latin American country that is run by banker Gora and Col. Cybulski. A revolutionary, also played by Cybulski, has set out to overthrow the government and kill the colonel. The colonel is mysteriously assassinated.
Gora’s wife, Teal, becomes the new figurehead of the revolution. Unknown to all is the fact that she is more or less a robot, thanks to molecular multiplication. Her husband controls the “doll” and has her lead the rebels to their death.

1.11GB | 1 h 30 min | 1019×434 | mkv



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