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Jean Georgescu – Directorul nostru AKA Our Director (1955)

IMDb wrote:
Over at the fictional DRGBP institution, events take a settling turn after a mutinied prize festivity.

Lucian Lupescu review wrote:
In this comedy, the manager (Alexandru Giugaru) of an institution is challenged, during a meeting where he hands out bonuses to everyone, by a worker who says he doesn’t deserve that bonus. Encouraged by another worker, Maria Popescu (Angela Chiuaru), he manages to convince everyone to give the money back. Everyone except for the lazy clerk Ciubuc (Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic), who sneaks out quickly with his bonus. Later, the manager is haunted in his dreams by the image of Maria Popescu, telling him he has gotten further away from the common people, becoming almost a bourgeois. The manager and Ciubuc’s paths intertwine and hilarity ensues as one tries to get closer to his employees, while the other tries to get by without being seen by the boss, neither of them succeeding in their endeavors.

This is the first Romanian movie to satirize the communist regime, making fun of, for example, the habits of the Party officials, who report accomplishments “over 100%” and criticize the ones who accomplished “only 100%.” It escaped banning probably because it was written under a pseudonym (Gh. Dorin) by a high ranking official in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eduard Mezincescu. He was reportedly close to Ana Pauker, the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, whom Time magazine in 1948 described as being “the most powerful woman alive,” featuring her portrait on the cover.

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