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John Ford – The Long Gray Line (1955)

Plot Summary
Martin “Marty” Maher, an immigrant from Ireland, arrives at West Point where he is assigned to work in the kitchen. He soon proves to be ill-suited to such work and quits only to enlist in the army. The head of the West Point athletics department, Captain Koehler (known as the Master of the Sword), takes Marty on as an assistant. Marty proves to be no great specimen of a sports expert, but he has a winning way about him in dealing with the cadets, whether it’s boxing, swimming or football.

Early in his time at West Point, he meets Mary O’Donnell who has come to work for Captain Koehler and his wife. After an exasperating period of courtship for Marty, Mary agrees to marry him and the two move into a house on the Academy grounds. Money is tight on a sergeant’s pay and Marty frequently threatens to leave the army, but something always happens that prevents him from doing so or changes his mind for him. Marty and Mary are eventually joined by Marty’s father and brother whom Mary has arranged to bring over to America from Ireland. The couple soon becomes well-loved and respected by the succession of cadets (including the likes of Dwight Eisenhower) that pass through West Point. Then Marty finds out that after 50 years of service, the army wants him to retire. (from dvdverdict.com)

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Subtitles:English SDH, French, Greek, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish

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