1961-1970ComedyCrimeJapanKihachi Okamoto

Kihachi Okamoto – Satsujin kyo jidai AKA The Age of Assassins (1967)

The film begins with exposition as a lunatic asylum “mad scientist” ex-Nazi played by Amamoto Eisei (he and his pals switch back and forth between menacing Japanese and scary German the whole film) discusses how a massive diamond was lost and a young Japanese (Nakadai Tatsuya) has it in his possession. A league of assassins make comedic attempts at Nakadai’s life (along with a girl, Dan Reiko, Yuriko from Ozu’s The End of Summer and a goofy pal) which are all thwarted, naturally, since even playing a little bit of a “dweeb”, Nakadai is still graced with luck and a certain charisma (a natural fighting ability). Turns out that the diamond…

1.42GB | 1h 39mn | 825×344 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Russian, Japanese (muxed), English (srt)

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