1961-1970Michael CarrerasMusicalUnited Kingdom

Michael Carreras – What a Crazy World (1963)

Alf (Joe Brown) is a young man from London’s East End who tries to rise above his impoverished conditions. His parents worry that he will fall into a life of crime hanging around his neighbourhood buddies. When he is inspired to write the song “What A Crazy World”, his efforts pique the interest of a songwriting publisher. His parents still worry about Alf finding steady employment despite the promise of a financial windfall in this teen beat musical.

The most famous of the groups to perform in the film are Freddy and The Dreamers, who would later score top ten hits on both sides of the Atlantic with “I’m Telling You Now”, “You Were Made For Me” and the novelty smash dance hit “The Freddy.” Led by frantic Freddy Garrity, his lively and comical stage machinations belied his vast musical and songwriting talents directly inspired by the late Buddy Holly.

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