1991-2000ComedyFranceMika KaurismäkiRomance

Mika Kaurismäki – L.A. Without A Map (1998)

plot outline: After a chance meeting in a Bradford cemetery with Barbara, a young American actress, aspiring writer Richard Tennant breaks off his engagement, quits the undertaking business and heads off to LA to find true love with Barbara. But once there, Richard finds he has a rival in Patterson, a rising film director, who promises to take Barbara away from her job waitressing and make a star of her.

Moving into an apartment in a seedy part of town, Richard starts work with his oddball musician neighbour Moss cleaning swimming pools. In his spare time he concentrates on winning Barbara. Moss, meantime, falls for Barbara’s best friend Julie and the foursome drive off together for a weekend in Vegas where Richard and Barbara wed. Back in LA Richard finds himself a hot-shot agent, Takowsky, who enthuses over Richard’s script for a film called Oozy Suicide. Barbara auditions for a choice film role. But Barbara discovers the film’s director is Patterson and soon she starts dating him again. Desperate to win back his wife, Richard tries to talk to Barbara at a party, but things go from bad to worse and Richard is arrested for harassment. Takowsky comes to the rescue, bails Richard out and sends him back to England.

Richard is back conducting funerals in Bradford when Barbara appears with a contract for the film rights to Oozy Suicide. She has finally seen through Patterson and has come back to England to make a new start with Richard.

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