Aleksandr Proshkin – Mikhaylo Lomonosov (1986)

The strength of mind of Mikhailo Lomonosov was comparable only to that of the Russian Spirit itself. An amazing mixture of natural (rather than ancestral) nobility, overwhelming intellect, sense of the beauty, humour, kind heart, and a total dedication, self sacrifice to the most deserving ideals, would make any true Russian, including Peter the Great, the most proud for the land that gave birth to this unimaginably capable human being. And the film brings out this point to you, not only using great talent of the inspired actors and director, but also by quoting historical facts and documents, and precisely reproducing events, scenes and even emotions. Similarly to how in Lomonosov’s mind coexisted the greatest artist, a father of modern Russian poetry, and the greatest scientist of the modern era, who overran his time by a few hundred years, – the two entities – the inspiring artistic expression and the precise historic description of the pragmatic realities of the life of genius – coexist in the film. His love to the people, to the fatherland, to the science, to the beauty and complexity of each of those, are precisely pictured in this great masterpiece of Soviet cinema.

10.28GB | 10h 58mn | 762×572 | mkv


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