1991-2000Andrew KottingDocumentaryExperimentalUnited Kingdom

Andrew Kotting – Gallivant (1997)

Gallivant is a fantastic British road movie and Andrew Kotting deserves to take his place with those two other great film iconoclasts and chroniclers of late twentieth century life in Britain: Derek Jarman and Patrick Keiller. He is also a great stylist and humourist, which makes the film very accessible despite it’s restless experimentation and disregard for documentary conventions.

Part home movie, part road movie, Kotting’s riveting and eccentric film stars his 85-year old grandmother Gladys – opinionated, bursting with anecdotes and contradictory reminiscences, and his eight year old daughter Eden. As the journey traversing the British coastline begins, the two are practically strangers, but by the end, ‘Little Eden’ and ‘Big Granny’ have struck up a warm bond, a relationship lent added poignancy by the fact that Eden has Joubert Syndrome, a condition that affects her speech and movement so she communicates through sign language.

Not only do the trio discover more about themselves along the way, but they also find that the seaside communities host a wealth of eccentrics. Kotting uses 16mm and Super 8 filmstock, found footage, timelapse photography and much non-synchronous sound to reveal a wonderland of bizarre traditions and quirky strangers.

1.79GB | 1h 39m | 755×432 | mkv



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