Andrzej Munk & Witold Lesiewicz – Pasazerka AKA Passenger (1963)

Lisa and Walter, a German couple, travel from America to Europe on a transatlantic liner. He is an employee of an international organization, and she hides – even from him – her past as a guard of the Auschwitz concentration camp. In London, a mysterious passenger who reminds Lisa (an outstanding performance by Aleksandra Śląska) of one of the camp prisoners, Marta (played by Anna Ciepielewska, whose performance was awarded at the International Film Festival in Los Alamos), boards the ship. Memories that had long been repressed slowly resurface. Several years prior, Lisa, a loyal SS servicewoman, tried to discipline Marta according to all of the SS’s “pedagogical rules” – to no avail. Thus begun a complex psychological game between the victim and the perpetrator. The German supervisor failed to break the rebellious women, who probably died. Or perhaps, she survived the turmoil of the war? Perturbed by the meeting with the passenger, Lisa confesses to her husband the truth about her past, but it is not the full truth.

1.37GB | 1h 00mn | 1024×436 | mkv

Subtitles:Japanese, English (custom)

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