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Andy Milligan – Monstrosity (1987)

Bloodthirsty Butchers, The Ghastly Ones etc and definitely not a good starting point for the Milligan novice. However, the movie is not without its dubious and very cheesy merits. Milligan regular Hal Borske is loveably kooky as the “monstrosity” (an understatement!); the film frantically races from one absurd scenario to the next; and there’s cheap-jack gore a-plenty. The wonderfully demented gut-ripping sequence is a highlight; the matter-of-fact manner in which the villain slices his victim’s abdomen and yanks yard-upon-yard of intestines from her makes for a truly head-spinning spectacle. Special mention must also go to the infuriating siren-like title theme that sounds at every given opportunity.

Monstrosity is certainly no lost classic but those poor souls working their way through Milligan’s back catalogue may find it more entertaining than the disdainful comments in Milligan’s biography suggest.

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  1. Milligan’s most personal film, if not his, um, best. There’s a message here – though stated clearly in a weird soliloquy, it’s characteristically muddled and contradicts much of the film’s prior (and subsequent) content. Still, recommended for the extremely patient; thanks for the upload!

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