Angelos Frantzis – To Oneiro tou Skylou aka A Dog’s Dream (2004)

The film tells the story of a magical night in Athens. A man has a dream that concerns a strange robbery. When he returns home, he finds that all his belongings have been stolen in an equally strange manner. The man calls the police and an experienced cop tries to solve the case with rather unorthodox methods. But as the night drags on the mystery gradually appears to spread throughout the city. Strange incidents lead the heroes on a journey that appears to escape reality and meet the world of the dream.

“A slice of magical realism centered on various characters during a single night in Athens, “A Dog’s Dream” takes a while to find its feet after an exasperating opening reel. Still, this sophomore feature by writer-director Angelos Frantzis (“Polaroid” ) has a fairytale flavor and moments of simple poetry that mark him as a director to watch. Some fests may bite.

Thankfully, an endless pre-titles steadicam sequence, following a red-haired hooker (Peggy Trikalioti) into the basement of an opera house for a chaotic shoot-’em-up, has little to do, stylistically, with what follows. Main characters are a cop (Konstantinos Markoulakis) investigating a strange theft and a shy travel agent (Aris Servetalis) who’s been told by a fortune teller (Fotini Baxevani) that he’ll meet the love of his life before dawn. Latter is a narcoleptic actress (Lina Sakka) who’s actually the cop’s daughter — one of many coincidences in a labyrinthine tale that confuses as much as it charms. Pic requires a suspension of disbelief, and a willingness to go with the flow, as there are few answers to much of what is seen. But there’s definitely a talent at work here.”

1.55GB | 01:26:42 | 975×572 | mkv


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