1981-1990BrazilCarlos DieguesDrama

Carlos Diegues – Quilombo (1984)

Palmares was a 17th-century quilombo, a settlement of escaped slaves in the mountains of northeast Brazil. The story follows a group of plantation slaves, among them Abiola (Tony Tornado), who revolt in 1650 during the Dutch-Portuguese War (1601-1661) and escape to the mountains and the city of Palmares, where they join other former slaves who have already been living there peacefully and autonomously. On arrival, Abiola suggests that Palmares trade with a friendly squatter. The leader of Palmares, Acotirene (Alaide Santos), disagrees, but realizes that she is getting old and times are changing. After consulting a divination tray, she anoints Abiola the new leader and renames him Ganga Zumba and places him under the protection of Xango, who manifests himself though Ganga Zumba in trance. Ganga Zumba goes on to become a legendary king. Ganga Zumba and his people keep Palmares safe for years.

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