1971-1980Cirio H. SantiagoComedyHorrorPhilippines

Cirio H. Santiago – Vampire Hookers (1978)

American sailor friends Tom Buckley (Bruce Fairbairn) and Terry Wayne (Trey Wilson) are looking for excitement during a shore leave. After fleeing a disco full of transvestites and two would-be alley muggers, a smooth-talking cabbie (Leo Martinez) takes them to a cemetery where a beautiful prostitute called Cherish (Karen Stride) resides. Little do the sailors know that Cherish is a vampire who recently killed their superior officer. In the cemetery is a lavish crypt where head vampire Richmond Reed (John Carradine) drinks blood cocktails with Cherish and two other lovely bloodsuckers (Lenka Novak and Katie Dolan). The sailors are able to escape death when daylight approaches, but no one back at the military base believes their chance encounter with the undead. Tom later makes his way back to the crypt and gets the ultimate in satisfaction when the vampiric female trio decides to act human for one night and conduct an orgy with him as the star.

1.17GB | 1h 19m | 1024×552 | mkv



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