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Fronza Woods – Killing Time (1979)

An offbeat, wryly humorous look at the dilemma of a would-be suicide unable to find the right outfit to die in, examines the personal habits, socialization, and complexities of life that keep us going.

Fronza Woods’s first film, “Killing Time,” from 1979, is, very simply, one of the best short films that I’ve ever seen. It’s an American counterpart to Chantal Akerman’s first film, “Saute Ma Ville,” from 1968, and it’s an even richer experience. Woods’s film is a solo piece for one actress (the title card calls her Sage Brush), or, rather, a duo for a woman and death. The woman, alone in her apartment, is preparing to commit suicide but needs to know how it would look; she’s sprawled on her bed but doesn’t like the scene, and, in the sharply comedic, deeply moving voice-over, she explains why: “Who in the hell wants to be found dead in a Castro convertible?”
Richard Brody, The New Yorker

138MB | 8m 49s | English | mkv



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