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Guy Hamilton – Force 10 from Navarone (1978)

Whilst things might be slowly changing, Hollywood has been a boys’ club for a very long time. This has been reflected in the cinema it has produced, where’s there’s often a hefty dollop of bromance. Bringing a group of men together to undertake some sort of mission is a regular plot device. Whether that’s the likes of The Magnificent Seven (western), Where Eagles Dare (war), The Hangover (comedy) or Oceans 11 (crime). This is the premise behind Guy Hamilton’s Force 10 for Navarone.

Major Mallory (Robert Shaw) and the now retired Sergeant Miller (Edward Fox) are approached to finish where they left off and track down a German spy who sabotaged their last mission. In order to get to Yugoslavia and infiltrate the Partisans, they must team up with an American unit led by Lieutenant Colonel Barnsby (Harrison Ford). Their ‘team’ includes Reynolds (Angus MacInnes) and Weaver (Carl Weathers), an escapee from the military police. When they reach their destination, they find their missions converge.

Whilst Force 10 for Navarone covers a lot of familiar ground, there’s a good charisma established between the main players. The action itself is fun, and whilst there are some rather unpalatable moments which quite frankly weren’t acceptable in the ‘70s, they don’t detract too much from the entertainment. As a story it does feel rather convenient and derivative, referring to the Alistair MacLean book rather than following it. However, there’s enough testosterone, explosions and high jinx to divert and amuse.

Audio commentary with film historians Steve Mitchell and Steven Jay Rubin (2020)

7.66GB | 2h 05m | 1280×534 | mkv



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