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Humphry Knipe – Too Naughty to Say No (1985)

Shy, naive, and withdrawn Catholic schoolgirl Betty (sumptuous brunette Angel) experiences a sudden sexual awakening. Writer/director Humphry Knipe does an ace job of crafting an intoxicating erotic atmosphere and further enhances things with an amusing sense of blithely bawdy humor. The carnal set pieces are quite arousing and energetic, with the sequence in which Angel gets tag teamed by cops Rick Cassidy and Paul Barresi rating as a definite scorching highlight. The all-star cast of reliable 70’s and 80’s hardcore regulars helps a whole lot: Lisa De Leeuw as the worldly Madame Rose, Milton Ingley as the depraved Father Tom, Eric Edwards as a corrupt and slimy senator, Harry Reems as a lecherous undertaker, Jamie Gillis as a sleazy sex maniac (of course), Cody Nicole as a helpful lesbian motorist, and Lois Ayers sporting a cool pink dyed punkette hairdo as a hooker partaking in a strenuous sensual audition. Angel brings a sweet innocent charm to her role. The funky-throbbing score by the Kingfish hits the right-on rocking spot. The bright cinematography by Kent James provides an attractive sunny look. Pretty hot stuff.

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