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Jacek Bromski – Sztuka kochania AKA Art of Loving (1989)

Sztuka Kochania is a satire about sex therapists and popular newspaper advice columnists. A young woman asks an advice columnist if her fiance is the right man for her, and should she get married to him. She follows the doctor’s advice and abruptly halts her wedding right at the altar. When the distraught woman then seeks follow up help from the doctor, we discover that even the most trusted moral advisers don’t necessarily lead perfect lives themselves, and can lack the high ideals they tell their readers to follow.

The movie looks like it was produced in the 1980’s, with the older clothing and hair styles, but it’s humor is timeless. Dealing with sexual issues, the film falls just short of being too vulgar, which is, of course, a matter of one’s personal tastes, and sexual humor in American movies like this one usually earn an “R” rating.
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