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Jon Jost – Plain Talk & Common Sense (1987)

Plain Talk & Common Sense (uncommon senses) “is a complex essay-film, a follow-up a decade and some years later to Speaking Directly, and so another State of the Nation discourse, made for Britain’s Channel Four in the year 1986-87. The work involved extensive travel around the United States, and poses an examination of just what America is/was, or what do we mean when we speak of it. Done in a series of radically different sections which collide with each other in a manner intended to provoke thinking, Plain Talk, which was made by an American and intended for American viewers, was indeed
broadcast in Britain, but somewhat predictably, not in the USA. “
–Jon Jost on his website. His website blurb used to be longer

“Plain Talk and Common Sense is Jost’s most successful film yet – a movie of expansive negativity, that putting patriotism under erasure, proposes to represent America and then revels in its inability to do so.”
– J. Hoberman, Village Voice

1.64GB | 1h 52m | 694×520 | mkv



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