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Kaspar Rostrup – Dansen med Regitze AKA Memories of a Marriage (1989)

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Memories of a Marriage (based on Martha Christensen’s best-selling novel, Dansen med Regitze) is a wonderful, moving and superbly acted film featuring what may be the greatest on-screen performance by the luminous Ghita Nørby, one of Denmark’s finest actresses (and a lovely person–I met her once in Seattle). The film traces the relationship between Regitze and her husband, Karl-Aage; in the present, Regitze has received devastating news about her health. Thus, much of the film is a flashback to the ups and downs of their marriage, which began when they first met under the Occupation in World War II. Regitze is a strong-willed young woman, whereas Karl-Aage seems more weak and pliable. Still, they love each other and complement. The film film slowly discloses Regitze’s carpe-diem approach to life, her own very life force. This is a not a visually stunning film (though there are some lovely touches); it is first and foremost a character study. Forget Nørby’s performance (albeit powerful) in the tedious _Hamsun_ and try to get a copy of this haunting film. I showed it to a class once, and most were in tears at the end–yet, in classic Scandinavian fashion, there wasn’t one emotionally cheap or maudlin scene in the film.

1.62GB | 1:23:40 | 763×458 | mkv


Subtitles: English (srt, default), Danish (srt).

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