1951-1960AdventureDramaItalyRaffaello Matarazzo

Raffaello Matarazzo – La nave delle donne maledette AKA The Ship of Condemned Women (1953)

Caged of the sins of their past, they break for freedom climaxed by an orgy of wanton lust and revenge.
This interesting twist to “the ship of lost souls” theme has a ship of women convicts being taken to the colonies to be kept under control. One of these, Britt, has been framed in the killing of her child. Manni, the lawyer responsible for her conviction, sneaks on board after suffering remorse for his deeds. Also on board ship is Britt’s cousin, Weber, the real murderer who has gained her passage through a marriage to a rich businessman. She allows her husband to die in order to inherit his riches, and then takes up with the captain. When Britt and Manni publically denounce her, the prisoners mutiny, killing Weber and the captain. A storm rises up, and despite the…

1.50GB | 1h 34m | 762×572 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish,Italian

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