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Roberto Andò – Sotto falso nome AKA Under False Name (2004)

A writer at the height of his fame: Daniel Boltanski, known to the world as bestselling author Serge Novak, lives in Switzerland with his wife Nicoletta. Her son Fabrizio is getting married on the isle of Capri. On the way there, on the hydrofoil, Daniel meets an extraordinarily beautiful woman, Mila, and they spend the night together. Daniel wakes up in the morning after a wild night of sex to discover there’s no trace of her. He’s late for church; everyone’s waiting for him. As the radiant bride enters, Daniel realizes she’s the woman he’s just spent the night with. But they secretly keep up their affair, abandoning themselves to their passion. It’s the start of a relentless mechanism where Daniel is the target of a devious blackmailer…

2.13GB | 1h 48mn | 997×432 | mkv




  1. Sotto Falso Nome

    Hi, Is it possible that there may be another set of eng subtitles, for the
    above movie, such a great movie, but the subtitles are out of sync.

    Kepp up the good work its very much appreciated

    Ron Burch

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