Roman Polanski – Les plus belles escroqueries du monde AKA The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers [Polanski segment] (1964)

Polanski: I wanted our short story to be as much a story of fraud as a portrait of the city. The script was laconic, almost without dialogue: a beautiful, slightly crazy French woman pretends to fall in love with a gullible Dutch businessman, and then, with a clever and simple trick, steals a diamond necklace. Hence the title: “Diamond Necklace”. A special type of women preferred by Polanski in film are women-girls, supposedly mature, but still manifesting some features of a child. In this context, the final scene of “Diamond Necklace acquires a symbolic dimension. After a daring and ingenious theft of a diamond necklace, the girl changes it on the street with a suspicious individual for… a parrot, which she happily carries on her shoulder. Her sudden decision is the inexplicable whim of a child who sacrifices the old for the new toy, however precious it may be. In the final shot of the film, the author shows – with evident misogynist satisfaction – the girl’s joyful face right next to the beak of the squawking parrot. Both are just as stupid, carefree and irresponsible to him.

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Subtitles:English, Polish

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