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Rosa von Praunheim – Die Bettwurst (1971)

Praunheim’s first big feature film was produced in 1970: „Die Bettwurst“ became a cult movie.

The touching story of Dietmar and Luzy, two not so young lovers in the drastic world of Rosa von Praunheim.

Incredible, truly incredible. What Rosa von Praunheim has done is far beyond description.

The actors, playing themselves and NOTHING ELSE act as if they have never been aware of a camera or the circumstance that there has been a director.Their lack of histrionic ambition does not stop them and so they scream, stammer (Dietmar Kracht is very good in it) and mumble their way thru the 78 minutes of the most bizarre film ever been made in my country. Von Praunheim maybe left his actors without any idea of a a scenario as it seems and kept the most absurd scenes uncut (the shower sequence !). Although von Praunheim does not force it the film is funny in a touching way. Sometimes it made me laugh so much I could hardly breathe. Certainly it is exhausting to take it in one session but if there ever has been a so-called cult movie: Here it is. Archaic, remorseless against it´s actors and of course against the audience.Dietmar and Luzy are the worst lovers in the history of cinema. If you haven´t seen this film, you ain´t seen nothing yet. This is a must for everyone interested in motion pictures.

-Thomas Krueger from Bremerhaven,Germany for imdb-

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Subtitles:English (unfinished)

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