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Rubén Gámez – La Fórmula secreta AKA The Secret Formula (1965)

IMDB comments say:
This is one of the best Mexican short movies ever. You could probably imagine the Mexican idiosyncrasy, read some history books, but you will find a big difference and experience the feeling of the post-revolutionary age of Mexico with this film.

Labor unions, the invasion of large scale and global foreign companies, the mother’s love, the Mexican habits descriptions are part of this master piece.

Adding the emotion of Jaime Sabine’s narration voice in all the allegoric signs and metaphors.

The problem is that is almost impossible to get a copy or to find it in Mexico, probably in Europe (I’ve heard it was restricted by the Mexican government in that period).

961MB | 43m 35s | 1920×1080 | mkv




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