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Scott King – Treasure Island (1999)

Treasure Island is an experimental, 16 mm black-and-white drama written, directed, and photographed by producer Scott King. The loosely constructed plot shows the private lives of two British code-crackers (Lance Baker and Nick Offerman) during WWII who decode letters and look for hidden meanings behind the words. As a counterintelligence ploy, they decide to drop a dead body off the coast of Japan before a discovered invasion. The film then turns to these men’s personal lives and the problems with the women they love, along with the secrets they hide. Frank is married to two women yet is pursing a third, while Samuel and his wife Penny are in a ménage à trois. As the pressures of their lives begin to eat away at them, the dead body starts to enter Frank and Samuel’s subconscious, interacting with the private stories of their lives. The film continually asks the question, “What is real and what is fiction?” Treasure Island won the Freedom of Expression Award at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. _ Synopsis by Arthur Borman

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