2011-2020DocumentaryFlorian KlägerGermanyMarkus MilckeMusicalTobias Adam

Tobias Adam & Florian Kläger & Markus Milcke – A Story of Sahel Sounds (2016)

The film is about a project from Christopher Kirkleys called “Sahel Sounds”. He owns an independent label and travels through the Sahel area in Africa, to find musician with an unique sound. The music he uses for his vinyl publication is often in low audio quality but authentic. The plot shows the whole process, from negotiating a fair deal with musician to producing the vinyl. He also organizes European tours, in the movie he is on a trip with Mamman Sani and Mdou Moctar, two musician who were found by Kirkleys in Niger.

5.12GB | 1h 22mn | 1920×1080 | mkv


Language(s):English, French, Tamashek

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