Ulrich Seidl – Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen AKA Loss Is to Be Expected (1992)

In a small Austrian village near the Czech border lives Sepp Paur, a widower. The food supply that his late wife stored in the freezer is running low. It is time for Sepp to look for another wife. He looks across the border, where the widow Paula lives. Two people, two neighboring villages. In between? The border. The film is about all these, but not only. It’s also about the loss of borders, the loss of home, the loss of youth, the loss of love.

1.62GB | 1h 48m | 768×480 | mkv


Language(s):German, Czech
Subtitles:German, English

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  1. this version seems to be 10 minutes shorter than the actual version and ends unexpectedly at the end (loss is eventually to be expected)

  2. Many thanks for this one!

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