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Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra – Pájaros de verano AKA Birds of Passage (2018)

An audacious saga centred on the experience of the Wayúu indigenous people of north-eastern Colombia between the late 60s and early 80s, as the trade in marijuana takes hold of their culture. The film begins with Rapayet, a penniless Wayúu unusually well-connected to the outside world, wanting to marry the beautiful Zaida despite the opposition of her mother and tribal matriarch Úrsula. In order to deter Rapayet, Úrsula demands a huge dowry of livestock, which he is able to finance by entering the drug-trafficking business, at first tentatively. Before long, Rapayet and his family are enjoying unprecedented material wealth, but become inexorably caught up in a spiralling conflict that traditional rituals of mediation are unable to contain…

Birds of Passage is a visually striking exploration of loyalty, greed, the implacable force of money culture, and the corrosion of tradition. It’s also one of the most remarkable films in this or any other era, with all the qualities of grand opera.

2.84GB | 2h 00m | 1024×426 | mkv


Language(s):Wayúu, Spanish, and English
Subtitles:English (non-English parts, srt, default); Spanish (non-Spanish parts, srt); French (srt); German (srt); Portuguese (srt)

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