Edward D. Wood Jr. – Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

Plan 9 From Outer Space has been unjustly deemed the worst movie of all time. It’s true that cardboard gravestones are knocked over, that scenes change from day to night at a moment’s notice, and that half of Bela Lugosi’s scenes are shot with a taller stand-in who has trouble keeping his vampire’s cape on his shoulders. But technical gaffes like these are shared by a number of low-budget sci-fi films with plots that equal the absurdity of this epic’s tale of extraterrestrial grave robbers. What distinguishes Plan 9 from less interesting failures is the bizarre but sincerely overwrought screenplay from now-famous director Edward D. Wood Jr. As in his other works (such as the autobiographical Glen Or Glenda? and Bride of the Monster), Wood’s words expressed far more of his interior obsessions, beliefs, and philosophies than any other hack churning out similar kiddie spook shows. It’s clumsy poetry to be sure, but Wood loved the movies and tried to speak through them. An alien invader’s soliloquy on the stupidity of modern man comes off like a strange man on the bus, demanding to tell you what’s wrong with the world. Most of Wood’s films have this strangely direct feel to them, but Plan 9 From Outer Space is definitely the tightest synthesis of the man’s personal idiosyncrasies and his deep desire to tell a story that everyone would love. As a result, it’s proven itself to be immensely popular, a rare combination of accessibility and outsider vision that unfortunately never paid off within Edward D. Wood Jr.’s lifetime.

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