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Felix Chong – Mo seung AKA Project Gutenberg (2018)

Nearly two decades after scripting the Infernal Affairs trilogy which has been liberally remade and borrowed from, Felix Chong’s new crime thriller does some pilfering and copying of its own. Spotting Project Gutenberg’s high-profile, largely Hollywood influences isn’t difficult, but derivation is rarely as entertaining as this slick Hong Kong effort about a high-stakes counterfeiting operation — and rarely comes with such compelling and engaging performances from the starry likes of Chow Yun-Fat and Aaron Kwok.

Like Infernal Affairs, it’s easy to see Project Gutenberg swiftly receiving an English-language remake, although the familiarity of one specific part of its narrative — it’d be a major spoiler to say which, however — might hamper its fortunes. In the interim, the film has proven a huge Chinese success, and currently sits 12th at the country’s box office for the entirety of 2018. Already open in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the US as well, the movie’s latest stop is the Tokyo International Film Festival. Beyond its theatrical run, streaming interest should also be healthy.

Marking Chong’s first stint in the director’s chair in four years, Project Gutenberg sees failed artist turned gifted forger Lee Man (Kwok) spin an intriguing story during a police interrogation. Extradited from a Thai prison by Hong Kong detective Ho Wai-tam (Catherine Chau) and her team, he’s the only surviving member of a crack counterfeiting squad other than the elusive mastermind, who’s known only as Painter (Chow). The cops expect Lee to spill everything that he knows about his boss, and they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that’s the case. Eventually he does — and what a tale he has to tell — but only after the enigmatic Yuen Man (Zhang Jingchu) helps loosen his lips.

By Sarah Ward28 October 2018

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  1. [We can’t edit these posts after the fact, unfortunately.] I had meant to say that I requested this title on behalf of a friend, who was very interested in obtaining it. But I happen to be interested also, so that makes at least two. And when I said “in the absence of a premium subscription to at least a couple leading hosts like Nitroflare, you are simply going to be frozen out of access to a lot of great content”, I meant to add “titles that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.”

  2. Thanks very much ! Had looked all over for this, without success. Doubting that this film ever made it to the U.S. at all.
    (This is a title that I had requested.) And very contrary to the previous comment, I’d say “Don’t be afraid of larger files, when you have an item that is quite rare or otherwise worthy.” It is also most welcome to come across high-res versions of certain films, even at the cost of larger download sizes. The only alternative is to have like 18 or more smaller pieces to download — and that is often still a lot better than not being able to get a desired title at all. I’ve been at this for rather a long time, as is certainly the case for those behind this excellent site. So I can say with some certainty that in the absence of a premium subscription to at least a couple leading hosts like Nitroflare, you are simply going to be frozen out of access to a lot of great content. (Of course, you could always spend a lot of time and effort searching all over, then take your chances with torrents.)
    Much better to keep applauding COTW for doing what it does so well !

    1. If you think *those* were large files, take a look at _this_ post from another film blog

      Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
      4K UHD Remux | MKV | 2 h 43 min | 63.0 GB | 3840×2160 | [email protected] Mb/s
      English TrueHD@4597 kb/s, 8 ch | English AC3@640 kb/s, 6 ch

      And that’s with the high compression HEVC codec: more like 120 GB if it was using one of the more common formats . . . .

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