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Gustaf Molander – Mälarpirater AKA Pirates of Lake Malaren (1923)

Three boys escape their strict stepparents, steal a sailboat and have adventures on Lake Mälaren northeast of Stockholm. This successful version of Sigfrid Siwertz’s popular young peoples’ novel, which was also adapted for the screen several times in the sound film era, is a pleasant summer film with convincing actors that feels fresh even today. The film copy, restored by the Swedish Film Institute, initially shows slight nitrate deterioration but otherwise features beautiful picture quality and original intertitles.

EinarHanson plays the older pirate brother, presenting a rather idealisticimage of a sensitive adolescent boy with a pronounced hunger forlife. Albert Christiansen portrays Hanson’s younger brotheraccurately as a small, shy, good-natured yet lively boy – a reallysuccessful achievement. But best of all is Tom Walter – one of themost brilliant pranksters ever seen in the cinema, a scheming lout,clever and malicious, cheeky and brave, nasty, temperamental andintelligent. He’s a real win for the film, though his Fabian isanything but a Sunday school pupil. He steals like a raven and useshorrible language, yet always manages to come out unscathed at theend, even if it’s only by running away. He’s a highly immoralcharacter, and one can only hope that people’s youthful sense ofhumor will appreciate this Fabian.

Quelqu’une, in: Svenska Dagbladet, 10/30/1923

1.34GB | 1h 29m | 853×480 | mkv


Language(s):Swedish intertitles with music
Subtitles:English, German

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