1991-2000DocumentaryGermanyHartmut Bitomsky

Hartmut Bitomsky – Das Kino und der Wind und die Photographie aka The Cinema and the Wind and Photography (1991)

Sieben Kapitel uber dokumentarische Filme

The Cinema and the Wind and Photography
Seven Chapters about Documentary Films

“That’s how we’ll begin: the street of the first film. This street is located in a suburb of Lyon. That’s where the factory of the Lumiere brothers was. They made the first films for cinema. These were documentary films.”

This is a film about other films, and this means about the reality of films and about theories concerning this. The situation of creating the adaptation and working on the project is integrated into the film. It is a look inside a workshop in which work is at this moment being done.

There is no commentary, but rather there is a discussion of films that involves dealing with ideas and quotations, and in doing so there is a direct and unmediated confrontation with the film clips on the part of those discussing. The cinema is examined using its own instruments.

This examination does not intend to be systematic; it is more of a kind of wild, disorderly hunting, a cheerful science in which the important things are permitted to stand next to what is marginal, and concepts are found in what is simply casual

What emerges from this offers no solution for problems and also no formulas (such as, documentary film equals reality times film art divided by critical consciousness…). What emerges is cinema enthusiasm.

1991 Betacam video SP, colour, standard format, 56 min.
Written & Directed by: Hartmut Bitomsky
Camera by: Arthur Ahrweiler
Edited by: Ann-Malen Witt
Big Sky Film Berlin, West German Broadcasting (WDR) Cologne

From the net –
“Das Kino und der Wind und die Photographie/Cinema and Wind and Photographie” (1991),another one of ‘anthology’, consists of monitors that show documentary films from Lumiere to Robert Frank,Bitomsky and his stuff who is analyzing and making this film.The director’s reading texts about these films and the movement of stuffs,camera movement are choreographed precisely.Bitomsky shows himself on monitor and stops it,revises it,and he reads the text again in front of the monitor to shows how he revised. It’s a brechtian,and it’s a representation of our situation surrounded by images.I want to call it a new fiction about realization of documentary.

998MB | 55m 50s | 528×400 | avi


Language(s):German (the audio is out of sync)
Subtitles:English Hard subbed

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