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Hartmut Bitomsky – Imaginäre Architektur – Der Baumeister Hans Scharoun aka Imaginary Architecture, the architect Hans Scharoun (1995)

Looks very interesting, some of Bitomsky’s classic techniques dollying through spaces, stop pans and quite a lot of movement with the camera. Among other structures looks at a housing complex, several houses, a library, a school and a concert hall designed by Scharoun.

Hans Scharoun has built houses which show not only structural substance and aesthetic forms but also how human beings should live in bulidings. This depiction can only be imaginary – like reading invisible writing on walls.

In the Nazi period – when modern architecture was condemned, the new style of construction prohibited, and Scharoun was permitted to build next to nothing – he began to discard what up to then he had thought designed and built. The dilemma in which architecture probably still finds itself was obvious: on the one hand, it depends on money and political interests, and on the other, it must endeavour to liberate itself.

After the war he became the great, dynamic architect of the young German Federal Republic, who resolved to thoroughly consider once again from the beginning everything that had to do with buliding. The result has remained controversial till today. With the Philarmonie and the National Library in Berlin he succeeded in creating two enormous public bulidings, which have no intention of conveying anything representative and which renounce pathos. It has been said that he built from the inside to the outside, around that space in the middle that was meant to evoke a coexistence of contrasts and differences, something that should be endured.

The notion that we must try to gather everything under one roof was his first idea, and the second one was that we – after the experience of history – are comdemned to accomplish that which is provisional.

‘The main thing is the movement’ was his motto, and he meant this literally. Indeed, there is no other architect in whose constructions we sense such an intense impulse to put things in motion.

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