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Hugo Santiago – Les trottoirs de Saturne (1986)

With Les Trottoirs De Saturne, Hugo Santiago returns to Aquileia, the fiction city of his classic debut Invasion, but here explores the fate of its exiles in Paris. Drawing extensivly from his own experience in Paris where he relocated from Argentina to make films (first as assistant to Robert Bresson then to produce his own films) and then became an exile, unable to return, as Argentina was overtaken by a miliarty dictatorship during his abscence.

This elegeic study of estrangement and displacement follows the experiences of an acclaimed Tango musician Fabián Cortes (played by real-life master Rodolfo Mederos) who becomes distanced from his surroundings and longs for his home country. Employing a sophisticated narrative structure combined with a tense script by Jose Saer and Jorge Semprún (noted for his scripts for Alain Resnais and Costa-Gavras) and elegent black and white photography, Les Trottoirs De Saturne is Santiago’s most personal film and a landmark reflection on the artist in exile.

Les Trottoirs De Saturne tells the story of Fabián Cortes, a successful bandoneon player exiled in Paris for twelve years, who through the memory, or according to him, meetings in person, with another bandoneon player, Eduardo Arolas, who died in the thirties in the same European city, seeks to rediscover his lost identity. In Fabián’s Latin American homeland, called Aquilea, a new military revolution has broken out, and the repression unleashed is once again fierce. The bandoneonist, who has been obsessed for some time with the idea of returning, decides to face his return home with determination, with the excuse of accompanying and “protecting” his sister, who is trying to reorganize the resistance with a group of guerrillas. However, nothing would be less convenient: in the very streets of the mysterious City of Light a couple of strangers follow Fabián, someone harasses him with anonymous phone calls, a quiet police inspector approaches him with a “suggestion”… it seems as if at the rhythm of the fatal nostalgia of tango music a trap is slowly being woven.

2.12GB | 2h 20m | 1280×800 | mkv


Language(s):French and Spanish

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