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Jan Lenica – Adam 2 (1968)

Adam’s everyday life is boring and depressing. To escape it mentally, he sinks into childhood memories and fantasies that are populated by angels and witches. He himself has the role of Superman, who comes to the aid of all the oppressed. Lenica’s surrealistic film depicts Adam’s “real” world as a black-and-white real movie, while his dreams are visualized in colorful animated sequences.
Jan Lenica’s cartoon and collage animation is a variation on the outsider theme of his early works: an “old Adam with new problems” travels by bike and time machine through a world of lemurs and phantasms in a futile quest for paradise. Lenica called this Kafkaesque, pessimistic parable, frequently obscured by the ciphers of depth psychology, “autobiographical” (Der Spiegel 1975).

Director: Jan Lenica
Producer: Boris von Borresholm, Lux-Film Munich
Music: Josef Anton Riedl
Camera: Renate Rühr

2.35GB | 1h 04m | 1920×1080 | mkv



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