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Kôhei Oguri – Umoregi AKA The Buried Forest (2005)

“What secrets lie deep in the buried forest? Veteran filmmaker Oguri Kohei, the director of such films as The Sting of Death and Sleeping Man, helms The Buried Forest (a.k.a. Umoregi), one of a select group of Japanese films entered in competition at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. With a cinematic look seemingly pulled straight from yesteryear, the film kicks off by focusing on a high school girl named Machi (Karen). To break up the monotony of summer, Machi decides that she and her friends should have some fun and start telling each other stories. Machi begins the game by telling a story about a camel coming to town and, soon after, the other two girls join in, each weaving their own intriguing tales. In the meantime, the town rebel San-chan (Asano Tadanobu, from Last Life in the Universe and Ichi the Killer) spends his time cruising around town in his red sports car and hanging out with his biker punk pals. Even so, the wildest thing they’ve ever done is hold up the town’s sole convenience store. Then there’s the package from Brazil that holds an enormous egg that supposedly came from a beast that’s been extinct for years. And what of the old woman (Sakamoto Sumiko) who’s being sent to a nursing home while hoping for a cure for her ailments? Even stranger, thanks to a torrential rainfall, the villagers discover an underground cavern containing fossilized trees buried in a volcanic eruption. How will all these seemingly unrelated narrative strands be tied together? Find out in The Buried Forest, Oguri Kohei’s beautiful, masterfully crafted motion picture!”

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