2001-2010ArthouseDramaKyle HenryUSA

Kyle Henry – Room (2005)

Julia (Cyndi Williams) works in a bingo-hall near her home, in a suburb of Houston, Texas. A haggard-looking mother of two daughters, Julia is perhaps in her mid-30s but could pass for a decade older. Her husband Bobby (Kenneth Wayne Bradley) is sympathetic and attentive, but Julia is rapidly reaching the end of her tether. Christmas is looming; she’s underpaid and overworked; is underappreciated at home; conscious that she’s getting no younger, no thinner, no happier. And she’s also suffering from a series of increasingly severe migraines which cause her to black out. During such spells, Julia has repeated fugue-state visions of a large, semi-dilapidated Manhattan-style loft-space – the “room” of the title (which is oddly reminiscent of the loft from Michael Snow’s avant-garde classic Wavelength). After one particularly spectacular migraine, which causes her to run her car off the road, she impulsively steals several thousand dollars from her work safe (shades of Psycho’s Marion Crane?), buys a ticket to New York, and starts looking for that mysterious ‘room’. She finds rather more – and less – than she’d bargained for…

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