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Les Blank & Gina Leibrecht – All in This Tea (2007)

During the 1990s, David Lee Hoffman searched throughout China for the finest teas. He’s a California importer who, as a youth, lived in Asia for years and took tea with the Dali Lama. Hoffman’s mission is to find and bring to the U.S. the best hand picked and hand processed tea. This search takes him directly to farms and engages him with Chinese scientists, business people, and government officials: Hoffman wants tea grown organically without a factory, high-yield mentality. By 2004, Hoffman has seen success: there are farmer’s collectives selling tea, ways to export “boutique tea” from China, and a growing Chinese appreciation for organic farming’s best friend, the earthworm.

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  1. I’ve had this film on DVD for a while, and it’s a fantastic documentary. If you’re a lover of teas from China/Taiwan, this will be a particularly engaging watch, but even for those who are just curious about fine tea has taken on a modern-day boom in the United States should give this film a watch.

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