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Lewis Klahr – Sixty Six (2015)

Sixty Six began as a three minute, 16mm film I created in 2002– a pop poetic filled with the lush palette of Daylight Noir and primary color abstraction. For some undefined reason, I never took this little conjuring to the printing stage but would instead occasionally screen it publicly as tape-spliced workprint. In June of 2012, I felt compelled to finally complete this short. I decided to re-create it, shot for shot, in digital video, which in the intervening decade had replaced 16mm as my format of choice. But a surprising thing happened as I transposed some of the original shots into video, the piece kept expanding as new images and materials spontaneously folded in.

Sixty Six kept growing throughout 2013 until it was clear to me that I was creating a 12 episode series. My 2009 film Lethe, became the concluding and climactic film of the series, as it had pioneered the mythopoetic splice of 1960’s imagery with Greek Mythology that came to define Sixty Six as a whole. Unlike my previous work in series, I was thinking of many of the individual films more as chapters than standalones. Also many had shorter durations (2-5 minutes) than I usually worked in. As the overall structure defined itself, so did the tonal range, which includes a diverse variety of approaches. It’s a pop associational mindscape where texture and eternal time are the favored intoxicants as vividly colored 60’s comic book figures thread their way through iconic photographic settings that are often B&W and often of mid twentieth century Los Angeles. — Lewis Klahr

1.58GB | 1h 29m | 1280×720 | mkv




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