1991-2000Czech RepublicHorrorLucie BelohradskáTV

Lucie Belohradská – Specialita séfkuchare AKA Specialty of the House (2000)

Mr. Laffler (Jiří Lábus) is strange. Everyone in the office he runs knows that. The clerk, Costain, (Lukáš Hlavica) also knows this, so he is very surprised when his otherwise impersonal boss does something as human as inviting Costain to dinner. But not at home. At home, he says, he does not accept guests. He leads him to an inconspicuous, secluded restaurant U Sbirra, where a very closed company of strange people meet.

The restaurant itself is strange. No menus, no spices, no alcohol, no smoking. And the food? The only food served here is a thin soup and a main course of bland taste. Costain is dismayed, but does not want to offend Laffler, so he accepts another invitation. He wonders about it himself, but he starts to enjoy the unusual food and as soon as he tastes the local specialty of the chef, which is served only once in a while – Amirstan Lamb…

700MB | 01h 00m | 656×496 | avi



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