1981-1990ComedyDramaJapanMamoru Oshii

Mamoru Oshii – Jigoku no banken: akai megane AKA The Red Spectacles (1987)

As the world decayed into chaos, the Metropolitan Police had no choice but to fight back, creating an elite unit of police. They became known as Kerberos, the Watchdogs of Hell. Over time, though, the zeal of the police force was transformed into cruelty and corruption. Three of the elite rebelled against the system. But only one, senior detective Koichi Todome, escaped to freedom. Several years later, he returns home. But why? What is left for him in this city that continues to decay? Koichi must now determine who is friend and who is foe as he attempts to unravel what happened after he left.

945MB | 1h 56m | 672×352 | mkv



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