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Manoel de Oliveira – Amor de Perdição AKA Doomed Love (1979)

Made by Manoel de Oliveira, the Portuguese cinema’s leading figure, Amor de Perição is undoubtedly one of the most original films made in the last decade, but its riches are difficult to capture in a few sentences. Based on a famous novel by Camilo Castelo Branco, it centers on several love affairs, notably between the offspring of antagonistic noble families, and shows how social and moral laws conspire to defeat the lovers. Oliveira’s major innovation is the way he presents his story: using off-screen narration which often runs counter to what we are shown, he builds up several complex narrative layers as the characters lives intertwine in a fascinating ritual of love-death-freedom. He also mixes all kinds of stylization, from real locations to deliberately artificial, skeletal settings, taking in a rich color scheme and a palpably felt period atmosphere which, though austere, does not shun its moments of bravura. All these strands are magnificently brought together in the final sequence, whose intensity brought the Berlin audience to its feet in an extended ovation for the director —John Gillett

4.85GB | 4h 20m | 788×576 | mkv




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