Max Neufeld – Sehnsucht 202 (1932)

Many sources, including Luise herself, referred to the ‘overnight sensation’ that Luise made in her first film for MGM, Escapade (1935). This narrative of the newly discovered film star conveniently erased Luise’s film career up to that point. She had appeared in three films in Europe before Hollywood came calling.

The first of these, and Luise’s actual film debut, was the musical-comedy Sehnsucht 202, filmed in Germany in 1932. A production from the prolific Cine-Allianz Tonfilmproduktions it is a light-hearted musical-comedy-romance in which Luise stars as ‘Kitty’, one of two girls who reply to a lonely-hearts column. Their replies get confused with that of a flirtatious secretary and the gentlemen on the receiving end have somewhat different intentions. The title refers to a perfume and the gentlemen in question are brothers and owners of a perfume store.

The film features three songs with music by Richard Fall and lyrics by Karl Farkas and Irma von Cube and is notable for a screenplay co-written by Emeric Pressburger. A moderate success, both in Europe and the US, the film was remade twice: in France as Une jeune fille et une million (1932) with Christiane Delyne as ‘Kitty’, and again in Turkey as Milyon avcilari (1934).

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