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Pou-Soi Cheang – Gau ngao gau AKA Dog Bite Dog (2006)

Plot Synopsis from beyondhollywood.com
Although many Hong Kong thrillers like to style themselves as being gritty and nihilistic, “Dog Bite Dog” is one of the few with the guts to actually follow through on such claims, being one of the darkest and brutal films of the last few years. As such, it marks a change for director Soi Cheang, previously known for light horror outings such as “Home Sweet Home” and “The Death Curse”, though he certainly takes the subject matter between his teeth and succeeds in producing a film which cuts like a knife through the glossy, choreographed violence usually seen in the genre.

The film begins with a Cambodian assassin named Pang (Edison Chen, “The Grudge 2?) arriving in Hong Kong to kill the wife of a top judge. The deed done, he finds himself pursued by the police, including Way (Sam Lee), a detective who is clearly suffering from his own mental problems. Alone and unable to speak the language, Pang fights back like a trapped animal, killing most of Way’s team and hiding in the only place he feels comfortable, a rubbish dump where he meets a young girl (Pie Weir Ying) held prisoner by her abusive father. Meanwhile, Way’s desire for revenge pushes him over the edge, and casting aside the shackles of his job, he hunts Pang down, leading the two men into a series of desperate and increasingly violent confrontations.

1.46GB | 1h 48m | 640×352 | avi


Language(s):Cantonese, Khmer
Subtitles:English (idx-sub)

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