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Alain Tanner – La Salamandre (1971)

‘Two men, arty though somewhat staid, are drawn to the spirited and quixotic Rosemonde, a young working-class woman whom they meet because they’re writing a teleplay about a minor but curious event in which either her uncle was wounded while cleaning his rifle or she shot him. Pierre is a free-lance journalist hired to write the script; he’s short of time so he asks a Bohemian novelist friend, Paul, to help. Pierre wants facts and tracks down Rosemonde for interviews that lead to other explorations; Paul only wants to imagine her and needs little more than her name to do so. But he does meet her, and she entangles him, too. Did she cause the shooting? Is she venomous or innocent?’

Je pense à Alain Tanner (hardcoded English subs)
Jacob Berger, son of novelist and poet John Berger, co-screenwriter of La Salamandre, pays tribute to Alain Tanner through a montage of numerous excerpts from his films, made in 2010. With inlaid English subtitles.

Cinéma suisse – Portrait d’Alain Tanner
Jacob Berger then produced this portrait, which was broadcast by Suisse-Romande television in 2012. A brief but fascinating documentary in which Alain Tanner returns to his atypical, poetic and free filmography. The opportunity to discover, through numerous excerpts, anecdotes and memories, a filmmaker “out of sync” with his time, who frees himself from codes, an artist neither militant nor activist, who makes a different kind of cinema while having fun.

Alain Tanner, seul Suisse à Cannes wrote:
Report of the Suisse-Romande television in Cannes, in 1971, which follows Alain Tanner who came to present La Salamandre at the Directors’ Fortnight. The filmmaker regrets the lack of support from Swiss cultural authorities for his film as much as for helping a destitute local production. At the same time, he noticed that his films did not interest them even though they were sold very easily internationally. Finally, he talks about the Festival, which he considers “as a springboard”, and the different facets of the Cannes event.

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