2001-2010Alejandro FadelArgentinaComedyExperimental

Alejandro Fadel – El Amor – primera parte aka Love – Part one (2004)

A fresh, likeable comedy about the beginning, middle and end of a romance, “Love (Part One)” is a charming piece of froth that should hit the mark with young audiences who will see themselves reflected in the 25-year-olds’ pains. The rare indie made without state subsidies, its anti-auteur stance makes sense, though viewers over 30 are likely to find the concept too cute for its own good….

Ingeniously, this comedy tells us about the love born between Pedro and Sofía, their fascination with each other, the urban geography that they claim as their own, and all the elements that make them believe that their love cannot be altered by any circumstance. However, little by little, almost like in a forensic procedure with texts and graphics included, we see the first cracks, the erosion of the every day life, and the routine that with chronometric precision will lead them to the end.

698B | 1h 39mn | 672×384 | avi




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